Holistic Health Care in Fort Collins, Colorado

Through a caring, supportive relationship, Stephen Henke MD provides the highest quality personalized health and wellness care.

My approach is using Functional Medicine which emphasizes looking at your whole person and uses methods such as correction of nutritional imbalances,  supplements, lifestyle coaching and, at times, prescription medications.

Covid 19 update-October 21, 2020: I am still working regularly through telemedicine and find this platform to be very effective for people I work with. I’m also seeing patients in person. For steps to remain healthy as well as decreasing the risk of serious coronavirus infection, it’s very important at this time to keep yourself very well hydrated with water. Depending on your size/weight, here in the Front Range I would recommend consuming a minimum of 2.5 quarts per day up to 3.5 quarts per day if you have no significant medical problems.