Appointments and Scheduling

Update July 31, 2023 – please note new address/location of office – 1017 Robertson St. # A Fort Collins, CO 80524.

I’m working hard to try to see as many patients as I possibly can and unfortunately I’m not making much headway on my waiting list and please see the update below.

Update March 25, 2023. –

Thank you for your interest in my practice. If you are interested in making an appointment please send me an email. If you are okay with this, I will place you on my waiting list. However I am not optimistic that I’m going to be able to meet with you because my volume of work right now is way above what I can handle.  I have 30+ people ahead of you already on my waiting list. Most of those patients I won’t be able to see either.

You could check back in about three months and I could tell you where I’m at and what’s transpired in regards to my waiting list.

I sure wish it wasn’t this way.

I like to meet with new Patients for an hour and a half (please allow 2 hrs. out of your schedule).To provide you the very best of care, if this is the first time I am seeing you in this office, it needs to be as a new patient.