Appointments and Scheduling

Update November, 2022 – My practice is at a level that I can only add new patients slowly and gradually in order for me to properly serve the people already in my practice.

Unfortunately, I cannot guarantee that I will be able to see you due to the very long waiting list I have currently.  I will know better in the next six – eight weeks as this will allow me to determine how many new patients I have been able to see and use that information to determine the length of time before we would be able to meet.

For minimum I think it’s going to take about three months for us to meet if things go well.  However if requests for appointments from patients I’ve already seen are at a high level it might turn out that I just can’t take on new patients at this time.

I like to meet with new Patients for an hour and a half (please allow 2 hrs. out of your schedule).To provide you the very best of care, if this is the first time I am seeing you in this office, it needs to be as a new patient.