Appointments and Scheduling

Update July, 2021 – My practice is at a level that I can only add new patients slowly and gradually in order for me to properly serve the people already in my practice. New patient requests will be added to my waiting list and I’ll do my best to see you as soon as I can. Currently, my waiting list is longer than ideal and so hopefully I would be able to see you in 3– 4 weeks. Please send me an email with a brief description of the issues you are looking for help, in order for me to make sure that I feel I can help you and include a phone number and also if you would be available on short-term notice if I have a cancellation. Thank you very much!

I like to meet with new Patients for an hour and a half (please allow 2 hrs. out of your schedule).To provide you the very best of care, if this is the first time I am seeing you in this office, it needs to be as a new patient.