Primary Services

Using a scientific and humanistic approach, Holistically evaluate and treat all common medical problems in all ages, starting from one year of life.  Feeling OK but would like to feel better and/or look to the future to stay as healthy as possible as you age?  This is one of my favorite areas to assist.     I also work with a wide range of Auto-Immune processes and use Cyrex labs and other state of the are labs as diagnostic tools.

My practice is a Consultation Practice in Holistic Family Practice.  Using a comprehensive history, physical exam, as well as a wide range of laboratory tests (including cutting edge nutrient and hormonal evaluations and limited gene tests), if indicated, I seek to discover the abnormal or sub-optimal physiology, understand how it is contributing to the illness, and empower to heal by implementing plans to balance and support the whole person to resolve the problem and optimize their health.

The primary methods used are correction of nutritional and hormonal imbalances, supplements, lifestyle coaching and at times prescription medications.

Let’s get started

Apri 2024 update-

Unfortunately, I’m still not able to add in new patients because of the high workload with patients already in my practice.

Update Fall 2017 – This past summer I completed another board certification in Integrative Medicine that is through the American Board of Physician Specialties. This is generally considered the highest level of board certification and expertise/training in Integrative Medicine.

I like to meet with new Patients for an hour and a half (please allow 2 hrs. out of your schedule).  I’ve tried to create a framework to provide services as affordable as possible.  The cost of the initial visit is just $200(check/cash), $208(credit card), far less than others, because I’ve eliminated layers of bureaucracy that typically exist between you and the Physician (if the initial visit is very complex requiring more than 90 minutes, the charge may go up to $210) . My follow-up appointments are based on time/complexity and a routine consultation/recheck is $165. If there are significant labs to review and the medical problems are quite complex, the cost is $185. For simpler problems and a shorter office visit, the cost is $145.  I ask that you pay me at the completion of your appointment. Remember: Please bring in all your medications, supplements and any lab reports you have to your appointment.

What I do not do

  • Prescribe medical marijuana
  • Prescribe or refill narcotic pain medications or stimulants
  • Complete disability forms